Friday, September 15, 2017

Travels Home, part two (October 2016)

The latter part of our trip home and the reason we all gathered together was to release Mum's ashes into the sea. 

It took a while for each of us to be ready for this but we had always known that her beloved ocean was the right place. 

Mum loved the seaside; on warm summer days and in wild winter storms. She found peace and joy in the waves. Her eyes would sparkle while she searched for shells. When she caught a wave whilst bodyboarding her face would glow with pure elation. This is how I remember her most intensely; with a huge grin and paddling madly. 

It was a blustery October morning when our family huddled together on Brighton Beach, Otago. We clambered over a few rocks to a secluded spot and waited for the low tide to turn. 

We each added little notes to a blue vessel designed for releasing ashes into water. Secret and private goodbyes; last whispers of love to Karen. 

We added tiny pansy blossoms to the lapping water where they danced before scattering on the shore. The breeze stole away the notes of songs that had played in our home a million times before. 

My sister read out this beautiful quote before Dad and Casey scrambled to the end of a rocky outcrop to release vessel to the embrace of the vast ocean. 

Alone I will not be
My comfort will come from the sea. 
The stillness of the calm waves will drift by
I will be as one with the sea.
When the sun sets on the ocean blue,
Remember be me as I will always remember you. 
As the sun rises...go live life as full as can be. and me...but at peace as I am free. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

It's a boy!

It's been just over six months ago since I last logged in. Last time I was waiting for our baby to arrive; overdue and a little impatient. Five days later on seventh our handsome boy arrived. Life has been full to the brim with love ever since.

Oh my, two little ones really does leave little time for indulging in blogging, crafting, gardening......
This little boy has created such a special place in our hearts. So completely his own wee person from the moment he joined us. Happy to observe, sweetly chubby and cuddly.

We named him Fox Albert James

Fox because it was a name we both loved
Albert, a family name and can be shortened to Bertie! cos that is rather cute
James, Mr. Fox's middle name and also a nickname my parents used often 'Amy James' an play on                    Amy Jayne

Just a few hours old

First trip to Point Chev beach

With Poppa Don

Aunty Mary and her adoring fans

Daddy cuddles

Grandma and Grandad, along with big sister Mae

Mummy and her little boy. 
Those first hazy days seem so far away now. Fox is able to sit up and is trying solids. Such a rapid change from the tiny newborn in January. The weeks racing past in a messy bliss. Our little family so much more wonderful with the addition of cherished Fox.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Travels home in October. Part One.

Pregnancy insomnia has it's advantages. Once a week or so I'm wide awake about three in the morning and just can't get back to sleep. I have read a fair chunk of a book over a few of these restless nights. Tonight though feels like a good chance to play bloggy catch up once again.

In October Mae and I spent a week in Southland before our family gathered to spread Mum's ashes. It happened to be the week of my Dad's birthday and also great Spring weather. Time is always a juggle as we balance sorting out the family home and spending time with friends and family. This trip was no different and the days passed by swiftly.

Us girls flew home on a brilliantly clear day. It was a big treat for the wee one to have a lollipop for take-off and landings. Miss Mouse looked so tiny in her own seat and lap belt. We were greeted at the other end of the country by an enthusiastic Poppa and Joh.

Patiently waiting to board. 

All ready to take off. 
Time spent in our family home is so precious. Though Mum is no longer there it is a comfort to be surrounded by her things and memories.

It is bittersweet to see my wee girl explore the rooms that we grew up in; rooms that hold echoes of our family when it was nourished by the most wonderful woman I have ever met. Every time I return I try to soak up all that goodness, attempt to etch just how it looks and smells and feels into my mind.

Fluffy time at Poppas. 
 Mae and I had a few days at home before my sister and Casey joined us. Dad and Joh had been working hard to complete a redo of our childhood playhouse. It it now sits up proudly on wheels, has a mezzanine floor, new windows and furnishings.

The big reveal
Suitably impressed with all the knick knacks. 
Busy in the kitchen.
I can imagine many hours of happy play here in the future as my sister and I once did. Tea parties and cooking. Games of Mummies and Daddies.

Miss Mouse was very excited to have her Aunty and Uncle arrive all the way from South Australia. More people to entertain and play with....and more people to wrangle sneaky chocolate buttons from! 

We celebrated Dad's 59th birthday with family and friends gathered around the home table. Mae spent a few hours at Queens Park, Invercargill with her Aunty Mary. Having fluffies at the cafe, wandering the gardens and meeting the animals. 

This gave me the chance to have a quick catch up with a dear friend. What a treat it was to catch up over hot cuppa in her very own little home. It was rather bliss to both be child free for my quick visit too.  Oh how I wish Sammy and I lived closer. 

Aunty and niece adventures

Meeting the locals. 
Other days were spent doing more sorting of belongings and entertaining a wee girl. She certainly makes the organising process much more fun if not a little longer. Box forts were made. Toy baskets ransacked and all sorts of silly games were made up. 

Fort construction.

Dressing up in Nana Fox's jewels with Aunty Mary

Rediscovering favourite childhood books and sharing them with an eager little helper. 
Taking advantage of the Spring sunshine we tackled a few outdoor jobs too. Mae is never one to miss an opportunity to sit on anything with an engine or hitch a wheelbarrow ride. So Poppa's place is never dull.

Testing out Poppa's lawnmower. 
Little legs racing back to the house
Our trips to Grandma and Grandad's house are always enjoyed. Ice-cream, lovely books and fun toys. More sneaky lollies and a fun garden to play means this we girl is in heaven. What sweet memories with very much loved people.

With the sun rising and a toddler now stirring I'll wrap this post up. Time for coffee and family. Another day of waiting for a now overdue baby. Hopefully a bit of sunshine and crafting thrown in for good measure too.